Resilience at Work workshop

Tune and Sync Towards coherence: Unlock your Power of Resilience by Andy Sim- East Asia Research

Do you ever find yourself longing for the vibrant energy you once had? Trust me, you’re not alone! Many of us are struggling to recapture the magic and vitality that once filled our lives. Want the secret that can reignite your zest for life and infuse you with boundless energy? Rise and embrace the magnificent and invigorating life you truly deserve. Join us now and be a top employee and the best family member!

  • Date/ Time: 16th Aug 2024 /9-5 pm
  • Location: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Course Fees Including Tea Breaks and Buffet Lunch (halal certified)
  • Course Fees: S$600 Nett (E-invoice for SG Gov only)
  • Contact us: Anthony Tan (, 62033767)
  • Understand and improve one’s ability to become more resilient at work
  • Handle change with a positive mindset
  • Improve focus and productivity
  • Build a healthy and meaningful life with scientifically proven techniques
  • Learn the techniques: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, HeartMath coherence skills, and orchestral conducting in an experiential learning environment

Understanding the Nature of Stress and its Impact in Workplace

  • Learn about the nature of stress and its profound impact on our lives and in the workplace.
  • Understand how mismanagement of stress can affect our physical and mental health, and productivity at work.
  • Discover the importance of resilience in overcoming stress and adversity.

Mindful Reframing with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Discover how to identify and reframe irrational thoughts using CBT.
  • Learn to transform irrational thinking into healthy, productive cognitive skills.
  • Through mindful awareness, you’ll learn to challenge negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones, leading to improved emotional well-being and workplace performance

Understanding Conflicts and Rebuilding Personal and Professional Relationships with
Transactional Analysis

  • Explore the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and conflicts through the lens of Transactional Analysis.
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively and rebuild relationships, enhancing your personal and professional resilience.

HeartMath Coherence Skills with Biofeedback Technology

  • Experience the power of your heart’s rhythm through biofeedback technology.
  • Learn HeartMath coherence skills to strengthen biological resilience.
  • Understand the heart-brain connection and how it impacts your resilience.
  • Each participant will have a chance to experience how their nervous system works with a biofeedback device. This session will leave you feeling more resilient and energised.

Enhancing Workplace Resilience through Orchestral Conducting Mastery

  • Uncover the transformative power of unity and synchronization, embodied in the art of orchestral conducting, a skill that finds its relevance in team management within the workplace.
  • Learn the fundamental techniques of conducting, which can aid you in orchestrating your team more effectively, thereby bolstering resilience across the workplace and invigorating your professional well-being.
  • Furthermore, these conducting skills can serve as a metaphor for regulating our inner ego states, promoting effective self-regulation. Just as a conductor harmonizes an orchestra, you can learn to harmonize your inner states, achieving a balanced and resilient self.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with practical skills and techniques that you can apply in your daily life to enhance your resilience, manage stress more effectively, and rebuild a healthy, meaningful life in both personal and professional settings. Join us for this revitalising and fun experience!

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to learn easy and scientific techniques to build emotional resilience and overcome work difficulties.

Dr Andy Sim has a diverse career as a psychologist, coach, counsellor, clinical supervisor, lecturer, and music educator. He is highly regarded in the field of mental health and has earned prestigious recognition, including Associate Fellow, Chartered Coaching Psychologist, and Registered Supervisor with the British Psychological Society; Accredited Coaching Psychologist with the International Society for Coaching Psychology; Master Clinical Member, Registered Counsellor, and Registered Clinical Supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling; and Certified HeartMath Trainer with the HeartMath Institute.
Additionally, he is a full member of several professional organizations, such as the Singapore Psychological Society, American Psychological Association, International Society of Coaching Psychology, and EMDR Singapore. He has presented at the Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology and has published works with SpringerLink Nature. He currently works as a coaching psychologist in private practice and holds positions as an associate counsellor at a tertiary institution and a staff psychologist for several companies. He is also an adjunct lecturer and clinical supervisor, teaching master’s degree courses in psychotherapy and counselling. Before his current roles, he worked as a senior counsellor, providing counselling services to several local universities, and as a senior manager/counsellor in MOE HQ. He has specialized knowledge in psychophysiology and has effectively assisted musicians and athletes in enhancing their mental well-being and performance.

Before transitioning his career in 2011, he was a professional military musician with the SAF Central Band and, subsequently, a band director with several school bands. As a performing member of the Philharmonic Wind Orchestra since 2001, he has appeared as a soloist and a conductor who has collaborated with notable international artists.


  • Doctor of Psychology (USA)
  • Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling (Australia)
  • MiniMasters in General Management (Singapore)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (Singapore)
  • Graduate Certificate in Narrative Therapy (Australia)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Australia)
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (Singapore)
  • Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music (Music Direction)