Honoring Retiring Faculty: Empowering Legacy through Academic Conferences

Thank you for expressing interest in organizing an academic conference for retiring faculty in Singapore. At East Asia Research, we are dedicated to expanding our portfolio of academic conferences in the region, and we would like to extend our collaboration to individuals who possess the expertise and can contribute to our marketing efforts.

Organizing a conference for retiring faculty offers a range of benefits that we believe make it an exceptional opportunity:

  1. Recognizing and celebrating accomplishments: Hosting an academic conference provides a meaningful platform to honor the contributions and celebrate the achievements of retiring faculty. It is a special occasion to gather colleagues, peers, and students to acknowledge their significant impact in the academic community.
  2. Establishing professional presence: An academic conference allows retiring faculty to establish their presence and credibility within their specific field of expertise. By chairing and organizing such an event, retiring faculty members can showcase their knowledge, experience, and leadership, reinforcing their reputation within the academic community.
  3. Enhancing academic CV: Organizing a conference adds substantial value to a retiring faculty member’s curriculum vitae. It demonstrates their commitment to academic excellence, organizational skills, and ability to take on leadership roles. This experience can make a significant impact when seeking new opportunities or engaging in post-retirement endeavors.
  4. Networking opportunities: Academic conferences provide invaluable networking opportunities, facilitating connections with other professionals and potential collaborators in the field. Retiring faculty members can expand their network, forge new relationships, and explore potential research partnerships or consulting opportunities, ensuring a vibrant post-retirement academic journey.
  5. Holding annual conferences independently: By organizing an academic conference with us, retiring faculty members gain the knowledge, skills, and resources to hold future conferences independently on an annual basis if they desire. We provide the necessary support and guidance to empower retiring faculty to continue their academic contributions and maintain a legacy within their field.

At East Asia Research, we can offer a comprehensive range of services, from ideation to marketing to the seamless execution of the conference itself. Our partnership with retiring faculty members in organizing their farewell conference will be tailored to their specific needs and aspirations. We assure you a rewarding and enjoyable conference experience, and the terms of the collaboration can be discussed further to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

If you are interested in organizing an academic conference and we consider you a suitable candidate whose proposed topic aligns with our research direction, we would be delighted to collaborate with you. The terms of the partnership can be discussed, and we assure you of a rewarding and enjoyable conference experience.

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